The Wilkerson-for-Soriano blunder

Hey, I wrote another book!

I know, I know ... the world needs another Rob Neyer book like it needs four "extra" degrees of temperature over the next century. But whether we like it or not, we're getting the book and the four degrees, and in the coming months you're going to hear a lot about both subjects. In the meantime, I'll just tell you this about the new book: It's about baseball's great blunders. Big mistakes, most of them satisfying the following two criteria: They wound up causing a great deal of harm, and they easily might have been prevented with a reasonable degree of forethought.

And now I'm wondering if I should have waited a few months to write the book, because the Nationals' trading Brad Wilkerson (and Terrmel Sledge) to the Rangers for Alfonso Soriano is shaping up to be a real doozy of a blunder.