The headlines of this year's MLB trade deadline: Winners, losers and in-betweeners

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

The 2022 MLB trade deadline has been put to bed, and it was quite a news frenzy. The moves were plentiful, and they were eye-catching. Well, some of them were. Each of baseball's 30 teams wrote its own story over the past few days. But as stories go, some were more engaging than others. Here's what we took away -- and where we think these stories end up.

Front page stories

There are five teams that made moves we'll certainly be talking about in October -- shoring up weak spots before the playoffs, throwing a flier on an underappreciated player or, in the case of our above-the-fold cover models, trading for one of the best players of this generation.

San Diego Padres

Headline: "Birth of the Power Trio"

The Padres have never won a World Series. If they don't render that fact obsolete in the near future, you can't fault general manager A.J. Preller for a passive approach.