Org Watch: Surprising starts

The Padres and Adrian Gonzalez need hitting help, but may have to go elsewhere to find it. Getty Images

Each week, The Org Watch will take a look inside the minor league systems of three organizations. It will look at the progress of top, surprise and sleeper prospects, and see whether help that might be needed for the major league club can be found on the rosters of its minor league squads. After focusing on the three worst teams and then three of the best, on Wednesday we'll consider three of the most surprising.

• The San Diego Padres are off to an almost amazing start in the crowded NL West, but the one area where they really need help from their system -- hint: it involves hitting -- can't really be helped if the system is the answer.

• The Cincinnati Reds are getting it done with starting pitching and solid bats. Now they need to address a train wreck of a bullpen. Converting a couple starters might do the trick.

• The Toronto Blue Jays are competing in the AL East, and mashing the ball, even without much help from first base. And while Jays fans will point to the presence of a top first-base prospect, they may be eyeing fool's gold.