Barren farms: teams that can't deal

If White Sox GM Kenny Williams wants to keep that finger set to No. 1, he's got to do it with what's on the field now -- the cupboard is essentially bare. Getty Images

The trade market is heating up -- the deadline just over two weeks away -- and we've already looked at the prospects with the highest trade values. But three squads that are enjoying success in the majors -- the Atlanta Braves, Chicago White Sox and St. Louis Cardinals -- have very little on the farm to help swing a deal. This is obviously a problem for all three teams, as they're locked in competitive races with the likes of the Philadelphia Phillies, New York Mets, Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins and Cincinnati Reds; if you look at that link above, almost all of those squads have the necessary prospects to help make a trade.

Let's look at the situations in Atlanta, Chicago and St. Louis more closely to see why they lack the potential trade chips.