Projecting rest of 1994 season

Matt Williams, Jeff Bagwell and Larry Walker's Expos were having great seasons prior to the strike. Getty Images

As baseball fans with a finite existence, we're fascinated by what could've been. And the most tantalizing if year is -- and will always be -- 1994, the notorious Year of the Strike. So as we mark the 20th anniversary, I put the ZiPS projection system to work to project the rest of that truncated season.

The quest for Maris

In 1994, we didn't know that Maris' single-season home run record would be broken four years later. We were in the early years of the game's offensive boom -- Cecil Fielder's 51-homer campaign in 1990 was the first 50-homer season since George Foster's 52 in 1977. But in 1994, Matt Williams was already at 43 homers by the time of the strike, and everyone wondered if he would get to 61.