Defensive All-Stars at the season's midpoint

AP Photo/Kevin Liles

In the spirit of the upcoming All-Star break, it's time to take a look at the "Defensive All-Stars" at each position based on their first-half performance. Led by familiar faces Andrelton Simmons and Jason Heyward, this year's team also features several newcomers, including a pair of Astros and two new Floridians. Without further ado, here are this year's midseason defensive standouts:

Pitcher -- Dallas Keuchel (9 DRS)

With nine defensive runs saved (DRS), Keuchel is undoubtedly the most effective defensive pitcher this season. After winning a Fielding Bible Award and Gold Glove last year, Keuchel has continued his defensive dominance. What makes Keuchel so good is his unique ability to get into good position after delivering a pitch to field balls to his left and right as well as slow dribblers straight at him. Playing to his strength as well as the Astros' shifty defense, he has helped himself with the highest ground ball per fly ball rate in the majors, creating more fielding opportunities for himself than any other pitcher.