Keith Law's top 50 free agents: Some serious star power

ESPN Illustration

This winter's free-agent class is the most interesting in ages, thanks to the two players at the top -- the first and third overall picks in the 2010 draft, both just 26 years old, both viewed as controversial (often without merit) for how they play, both, as Eleanor and Chidi might say, really forking good.

Like most free-agent classes, however, it's just not a very deep group, as teams try to sign their best young players to extensions that cover their potential prime years, or trade them to teams who'll try to do the same. We get about 15 deep before things start to fall off into back-end starter, reliever and below-average regular territory, which I guess is still pretty good compared to the past few years.

Editor's note: With Clayton Kershaw's opt-out option extended until Friday, the Dodgers starter is not ranked on this list. Should he choose to opt out of his current deal, he will rank No. 6 on this list.