Keith Law's 2019 prospect rankings: Who just missed the top 100?

They couldn't quite make our list, but prospects such as New York's Estevan Florial still have plenty of talent and upside. Meet an extraordinarily deep pool of "just missed" prospects. AP Photo/John Bazemore

I tweeted the other day that I had narrowed my list for the top 100 prospects to 113, joking that I needed a quantum physicist's help to fit them all. (To Twitter's credit, several physicists did chime in.) This column of those who "just missed" typically includes 10 players, unranked except for one or two (I think I always identified player No. 101), but this year, I ranked 101 to 110 and added some more who got some support from scouts or execs when I circulated my list.

Editor's note: Ages are as of July 1, 2019. Players with experience in foreign major leagues, such as Japan's NPB or Korea's KBO, are ineligible for these rankings.