The Pads must be crazy! Why Manny Machado would make no sense for San Diego

You can't blame the Padres for being interested in Manny Machado, a superstar in his prime. But the timing just isn't right, the moment isn't right, and the deal would seem destined to fall flat. EPA/MIKE NELSON

If Manny Machado signs a deal for something in the $250 million range with the Padres, you would completely get it from his perspective. The market for him hasn't been as robust as once expected, but even when you factor in California taxes and any deferrals, that is a life-changing amount of money for any person.

Whether he signs with the Padres or the White Sox, or perhaps pivots to the Phillies, Machado will do just fine in free agency, it appears, after a long winter's wait. Good for him.

But once again, the pertinent question is: What in the world are the Padres thinking?