Who's hot, who's not and who will stay that way

No one in baseball has improved his profile more than the Dodgers' Cody Bellinger. Aaron Gash/AP Photo

While all good analysts will caution people to not get excited over a single month of a baseball player's career, these hot and cold starts frequently do in fact matter for a player's outlook. We talk about things like a player's "true ability," but that in itself is a bit of an abstract concept. It's always changing and you never truly get to find out the right answer.

Projections are snapshots of our best guesses for a player's abilities at a brief moment in time, and depending on how a player has his hot or cold start, those projections can move, sometimes even quickly. As we approach the quarter mark of the season, it's a good time to see who has seen their projections move the most, because those are the changes that are likely more fact than fiction.

Here are some of the players whose changes in outlook I find the most interesting: