Bold predictions and trades we want to see in the second half

Let's make a few deals.

On Thursday, we laid out a good part of the upcoming trade landscape and hinted at some possible matches. Today, I'm going to play a kind of overlord of general managers and gently suggest a few trades that I'd really like to see happen over the next couple of weeks. That is, if it were all up to me. Which it's not.

All of these notions are aimed to fill needs for both teams involved in each transaction. Mostly, these are all larger concepts involving two clubs looking for a little more than the standard deadline deal that involves a walk-year veteran exchanged for some package of faceless prospects, in which the young players coming back are years away from being anything. All of these proposals take a more short-term perspective.

Alas, you don't see many in-season blockbusters like this anymore, as teams seem to prefer to sell off their assets one by one to maximize return. It doesn't have to be that way.

Simple enough? Let's get to it.