MLB trade deadline: Eight realistic targets for contenders

AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

The 2020 season is a season like no other and the trade deadline is not likely to be any different.

With 16 teams making the playoffs and a 60-game schedule, contention isn't quite what it normally is. While it looks like we may finish the season without a major health-related disaster snowballing out of control, teams have questions to wrestle with this year about just what a playoff spot actually means in 2020 and whether a team with a .450 record should be adding players.

For a team that decides it does want to be a buyer, there's always an opportunity out there somewhere. Here are some trade targets for top teams with a pressing need and teams on the bubble looking to address a weakness and get over the playoff line. I tried to pick players who are at least plausibly available, so as fun as it would be to imagineer a Mike Trout trade, that's not actually going to happen.