World Series 2020: How one Game 3 at-bat shows what the Dodgers' offense does better than anyone

Through three games of the World Series, we've gotten a taste of what makes this Dodgers team perhaps the best edition yet in the history of one of Major League Baseball's marquee franchises. Los Angeles has reached the point where it can do everything there is to do to beat an opponent, no matter what contortions that opponent does while trying to match up with it.

That range of dominance was very much on display in Game 3, but so too were the fundamental traits that have marked this version of the Dodgers. We're talking about foundational elements, the fuel to the Dodgers' success that helped set up the glitzy stuff that will dominate highlights of their 6-2 win. Simply put, no team is better at grinding an opposing pitcher into hamburger than the Dodgers, and no team is better at taking that ground beef and turning it into a gourmet feast.