Are the Los Angeles Dodgers now officially an MLB dynasty after winning World Series?

We've made it to November, and less than a week ago MLB crowned a World Series champion for the 2020 season. There have been times this year when that combination of declarative statements didn't seem plausible. But when the Los Angeles Dodgers claimed the title to end the strangest of all baseball seasons, it put another campaign in the books and thus maintained the continuity of our oldest professional sport.

The Dodgers are a fitting champion, too, which helps to validate the entirely weird circumstances of it all. The preseason favorite won the most games, and the team that won the most games won the World Series. The Dodgers are champions, for the first time since 1988, and no asterisk is needed.

The title caps a remarkable eight-year run in which the Dodgers have won eight straight division titles and three pennants. You might say L.A.'s current run is dynastic.