MLB Stock Watch: How all 30 teams stack up as the hot stove starts to simmer

The baseball hot stove season to date can be summed up as one with a lot of letting go, and not a lot of bringing in. Because of that, it's fair to say that as we embark on the first-ever virtual MLB winter meetings, most teams are weaker now than they were when the season ended. And even if you disagree with that, you would probably agree with the observation that every team has plenty of roster work left to do before next season begins.

Because the offseason transaction log is so short, this month's Stock Watch is a little different. Ordinarily, it is meant to be a snapshot of the big leagues as they stand at a particular point in time, whether it's the regular season or the offseason. I usually include a measurement of how much team probabilities have evolved since the most recent time we checked in. This edition is similar, but different in a couple of key ways.

First, rather than measuring current probabilities against where they stood in our last regular-season Stock Watch, we're going to focus on the difference between two glimpses at each team's roster: