Why the worst MLB teams of 2023 are historically bad

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

About a quarter of the way into the 2023 season, the Oakland Athletics are 8-29 with a .216 winning percentage that would supplant the 1962 New York Mets as the worst in baseball history.

But the A's aren't alone in their ineptitude. The Kansas City Royals, St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago White Sox are all currently on a 100-loss pace -- and the Colorado Rockies, Washington Nationals and Cincinnati Reds aren't much better.

How rare is it to have this many bad teams at one time? Why are these teams so terrible in the first place? And how many of these teams will finish the season with 100-plus losses? Let's dive into the year of the terrible, horrible, no good very bad teams at the bottom of the MLB standings.