Why Ventura's high-90s fastball doesn't get same hype, results as Syndergaard's

This is no secret: Both Noah Syndergaard and Yordano Ventura throw hard. In fact, they're both in the top four in velocity among starters this year, averaging 96.5 mph and 95.6, respectively.

But that doesn't mean their fastballs have been equally effective. Syndergaard has gotten whiffs on 11 percent of his four-seam fastballs, or 70 percent better than league average. Ventura has gotten whiffs on 7 percent of his fastballs, just 8 percent better than league average. So why has Syndergaard's fastball had better results than Ventura's? There is an answer to that question, even if it's a complex one. Let's take a closer look.

What makes a fastball good?

The short answer is high velocity and good movement.