MLB Confidential

MLB players have plenty to say about Bonds, Selig and Pujols. US Presswire

This story appears in the May 17 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

In March, we cornered our first player, an NL pitcher: "Got 20 minutes to answer 20 questions every fan wants answered?" The three-time All-Star, like the 99 MLB players after him, was happy to take the challenge. And when the grilling ended, he had one for us: "Got any more?"

Should Barry Bonds be enshrined in Cooperstown? Are the Yankees destined to repeat as champs? What would the clubhouse reaction be to news of a gay player? MLB stars reveal all below, exclusively for ESPN Insiders.


1. Who is MLB's best player?
2. Which city has the best groupies?
3. How many games should teams play?
4. Who will win the World Series?
5. How many players still take PEDs?
6. Which pitcher has the nastiest stuff?
7. What is the best franchise?
8. How many players cheat on their wives?
9. Should Barry Bonds be in the Hall of Fame?
10. Would you prefer a World Series or MVP award?
11. Do language barriers affect play?
12. What's MLB's most overrated stat?
13. How good of a commish is Bud Selig?
14. Do people try to get betting info from you?
15. DH or no DH?
16. Who is the best manager?
17. Do you stare at women in the crowd?
18. Do you own a gun?
19. How would you react to a gay teammate?
20. Who's the last guy you'd fight on the field?