Insider Intel: Phillies-Rockies

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Pack a lunch. Two good offensive teams playing in two good hitters' parks may mean some long games, even with big arms like Cole Hamels and Ubaldo Jimenez making starts.

When the Phillies are up

1. Expect a lot of action on the bases
The Phillies are the best base stealing team in the majors, succeeding in 81 percent of attempts this year and finishing second in the NL in steals. Neither of Colorado's catchers throws many runners out, with Yorvit Torrealba especially incompetent. Jimmy Rollins, Jayson Werth, Chase Utley (23 steals this year, never caught) and Shane Victorino should all receive plenty of green lights.

2. Watch those Colorado gloves

When the Rockies play their best defensive unit, they're above-average in the outfield and infield and they allow their pitchers a little leeway on allowing contact. On the flip side, Brad Hawpe is a disaster in RF and Jim Tracy likes to shuffle his defense, which would likely put inferior gloves on the field. This would, in turn, cause trouble against a good-hitting and good-running team like Philly.

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