MLB's most immovable contracts

According to a report published Wednesday, Yankees president Randy Levine and Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria have had a casual conversation about the possibility of a trade between the two teams involving Alex Rodriguez.

While the Marlins could use a third baseman and Rodriguez has close ties to Miami, it seems unlikely that they would be willing to pay much of the money he is owed. And although the Yankees would like to avoid the rest of A-Rod's decline phase, they won't want to give him away.

Even if there's little substance to this particular report, it could be the opening salvo in a series of A-Rod rumors to make the rounds this winter.

A-Rod's combination of age, salary and disappointing performance would make him a nightmare to move, but where does his contract rank among the majors' most difficult to deal? No contract is truly untradable if a team decides it's a sunk cost, but the dozen deals below would find few takers unless a team was willing to help pay the player's way out of town.