Giants need Melky Cabrera

Melky Cabrera was the Giants' second-best offensive player this year. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

This postseason, an National League All-Star on a division champion is watching the playoffs rather than playing in them, not due to injury or illness, but the unwillingness of the team to use that star in the playoffs. No, I'm not talking about Stephen Strasburg, but Melky Cabrera.

There's little question that Cabrera's personal conduct has been considerably less than exemplary this season. Whatever you feel about the nature of performance-enhancing drugs in baseball, MLB's drug-testing agreement with the players specifically outlines what offenses lead to what penalties. Cabrera tested positive for a drug not allowed in baseball and allegedly tried to cover up his offenses in a monumentally hapless manner. By all accounts, he also handled things with his teammates very poorly. But he served his time and surely, a guy that put up a .906 OPS in 501 plate appearances this season would be a welcome addition to a team fighting for a championship. In fact, the Giants' decision not to use Cabrera is more egregious than the Nats' decision not to use Strasburg.