Five potential roster disasters

The Mets need to put Juan Lagares in the lineup and forget about Eric Young Jr. Rob Foldy/Getty Images

While all teams will officially stand at 0-0 when the season starts, what happens in March has a great deal of importance. Those decisions made during the spring have real consequences that will have an effect on the games that count.

If you've ever seen "Return of the Jedi" -- or at least have been on the Internet for more than a day or two -- you're probably familiar with Admiral Ackbar shouting "It's a trap!" Well, baseball teams have their own spring training traps to avoid as well, even if they don't typically involve Imperial TIE fighters firing on the 25-man roster.

Here are five roster/lineup pitfalls that certain clubs must avoid between now and Opening Day.

New York Mets: Avoid the retreads

Despite the Mets' financial problems in recent years -- not to mention five consecutive losing seasons -- there's a lot to like about them right now. No, they're not likely to cause headaches for the Nationals or Braves, but they're a team that has an excellent farm system with a number of really interesting young players already at the MLB level.