How the Yankees, Blue Jays blew it

If Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman had played their cards right, the Yanks could have fared better. Leon Halip/Getty Images

With their ninth win in 10 games, the Baltimore Orioles officially wrapped up the AL East on Tuesday, their first division title since 1997. With that, the wild-card race now looks realistically out of reach for the remaining two relevant teams in the division, the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees. Both teams are futilely looking up at the wild-card leaders as a direct result of poor decision-making.

The Boston Red Sox and Texas Rangers both had dreadful years, but there's a kind of silver lining for fans in that there were no crucial decisions that, if made differently, would have changed their fates. The same isn't true for New York and Toronto, two franchises that were close enough that just a few extra wins would have made a gigantic boost in their playoff hopes.