Best, worst Gold Glove selections

Juan Lagares' 2014 Gold Glove selection was definitely the right call, but Nick Markakis' wasn't. USA TODAY Sports

One of the most exciting developments of the recent data revolution in baseball is in defensive analysis, and that has been embodied by the Gold Glove selections, which have more closely conformed to defensive metrics than they did a decade ago. Over the past two seasons, that impact has become more direct with the introduction of the SABR Defensive Index, a composite of several defensive metrics, including Baseball Info Solutions' own defensive runs saved (DRS). That info is made available to all of the voters. But even with those improvements, there are still a few selections that have us scratching our heads.

For the most part, the Gold Glove selections were right on point. Ten of the 18 selections also led their position in defensive runs saved (DRS) in their respective leagues, and three others finished in the top three. However, some selections are more difficult than others to make. Here are the Gold Glove winners and where they stack up in defensive runs saved (DRS):