Who will accept qualifying offers?

Melky Cabrera and David Robertson were both given quality offers by their respective teams Monday. Getty Images

While Tuesday was Election Day across the U.S., for those in baseball, it was an even more important day, no doubt circled in red on their calendar: Free Agency Day.

Tuesday was the first day free agents could sign with new teams in the major leagues, the official start to baseball's yearly tradition of offseason bidding wars. But before deciding on teams and contracts, many of the top players available in free agency have to make another crucial decision: whether or not to accept the one-year $15.3 million qualifying offers from their old teams.

In the two years of baseball's newest modification to free-agency compensation rules, 22 players have been given qualifying offers from their incumbent teams. And all 22 players have declined them. But this state of unanimity can't last forever, and with teams making qualifying offers to fewer and fewer players than in the past, this might very well be the year somebody bites. So let's try to handicap who should take the qualifying offer, from most willing to accept to the least.