Buyer's Guide: Outfielders

Melky Cabrera makes for an intriguing buy-low target this winter for particular teams. Joy R. Absalon/USA TODAY Sports

Again this year, I'm picking out possible best values, worst values and trade targets across every position group as we enter free agency. We've already examined the starting pitchers and relievers.

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Here's a look at this year's class of free-agent outfielders:

Best values


Colby Rasmus, CF

None of the free-agent outfielders this year strike me as "great" values; but there are a few underachievers who are young and/or talented enough to give their next employers a bit more than they gave their past ones. Rasmus is one such player, having never quite regained the promise he showed at the plate in 2010, although he's at least developed into a better defensive player to partly balance out his low contact rates. He's one of the youngest free agents this year, and there's no physical reason he can't be a 4-WAR player again. It's mechanical, it's mental, maybe it's parental, but he still has the ability for a team with the ability to take on the risk that he's as punchless as he was in 2014.