Mariners' Cal Raleigh apologizes for calling out team after season-ending loss

SEATTLE -- Mariners catcher Cal Raleigh apologized to his teammates and coaches Sunday for his strong comments about the team's commitment to winning after the Mariners were eliminated from postseason contention.

Raleigh spoke for about 90 seconds and did not take questions, a day after Seattle lost to Texas and was eliminated from postseason contention.

"Obviously yesterday was a really emotional day for everybody. I just want to apologize to my teammates, my coaches, fans. It wasn't a time to talk about what-ifs in that scenario," Raleigh said. "That being said, I'm not going to apologize for wanting to win and wanting to bring a World Series to the city. They deserve it, the fans do and our organization does, and I'm committed to doing that."

Raleigh expressed his frustration with Seattle falling short after Saturday's 6-1 loss to Texas. The Mariners snapped a 21-year playoff drought last season and entered this year with the expectation of making it two playoff appearances in a row.

"Anytime you can add, I mean look over in [Texas'] locker room right there, they've added more than anybody else and look where it got them," Raleigh said after Saturday's season-ending loss. "There's more than one way to skin a cat, that's for sure. But going out and getting those big names, people who have done it, people who have been there, people who are leaders, people who have shown time and time again that they can be successful in this league is definitely what would help this clubhouse."

Seattle remained near .500 through the first several months, and a big August pushed the Mariners into the playoff picture.

Raleigh seemed mostly concerned about making sure his comments weren't taken the wrong way by teammates.

"That being said, I love all my teammates and coaches over there and I'd do anything for them," Raleigh said. "I really thought we had the pieces to win this year. We came up short, and that falls on me as the team leader, as one of the main players every day."

Manager Scott Servais characterized the situation as a learning experience for Raleigh after meeting with his catcher Sunday morning before the regular-season finale. Teammate Ty France said he thought Raleigh's comments wouldn't be an issue within the clubhouse.

"He'll grab you personally and talk to you if he has any issues with you, but I don't think anyone in here has an issue with whatever he said yesterday," France said.

J.P. Crawford echoed some of Raleigh's feelings after Seattle closed out the season with a 1-0 win over Texas.

"I think Cal had some great comments yesterday," Crawford said. "I know there's a big controversy about that earlier this morning and I'm with him on that. I think we need to go out there and make really make a move to help this team win."

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