Success rate of MLB team-initiated reviews drops slightly

Team-initiated video reviews were slightly less successful in the major leagues this season, which saw overturned calls drop to 48.5% from 50.2% in 2022.

Major League Baseball said Friday that 625 of 1,288 club challenges were overturned. There were 304 calls confirmed (23.6%) and 359 allowed to stand (27.9%) where there was not enough evidence to confirm or overturn.

The Miami Marlins led the major leagues with a 75% success rate, followed by the Washington Nationals (74.2%), Houston Astros (67.7%), Arizona Diamondbacks (65.1%) and Kansas City Royals (65.1%).

The Los Angeles Angels (29.4%), Detroit Tigers (32.6%), Pittsburgh Pirates (38%), Cincinnati Reds (38.7%), Toronto Blue Jays (38.9%) and Baltimore Orioles (39.6%) were the least successful.

In addition, there were 180 crew chief reviews initiated by umpires. MLB said those led to 36 overturned calls, a 20% rate. Eighty-seven calls were confirmed and 39 allowed to stand. Of the crew chief reviews, five were for rules checks and 13 for record-keeping.

Including crew chief reviews, there were 1,468 total reviews, of which 661 were overturned (45%), 391 were confirmed (26.6%) and 398 were allowed to stand (27.1%).

The average time of a review was 1 minute, 26 seconds, down from 1:31 last year.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.