Most valuable trade targets

It will take a lot to trade for Justin Upton, but he brings present value and future cost certainty. Norm Hall/Getty Images

With the National League swiftly dispatching the American League in an 8-0 laugher that amounts to the NL's largest win in All-Star Game history, baseball turns its focus toward the trade deadline, now less than three weeks away. Although baseball's new structure has made winning the division more valuable -- by adding an additional playoff team in each league -- GMs are in a bit of uncharted territory this trade season. However the calculus changes, what's still a good bet is that some big names will be wearing new duds come Aug. 1.

Lots of players will be available for trade, but, with only a third of a season remaining when the calendar turns, relatively few players have the potential to make a significant impact on the pennant race.

Using the ZiPS projection system, we rank this year's possible trade targets in order of projected rest-of-season WAR as of today (their projected WAR after July 31 is in parentheses). Unless, of course, the unthinkable happens and the Seattle Mariners really do trade Felix Hernandez, this is the list of the most valuable potential trade candidates.