2013 Futures Game rosters

Bradley is an exciting player who should be on the U.S. Team in the 2013 Futures Game. Tom Priddy/AP Photo

This year's Futures Game featured two of the best rosters in years. Limitations make it a daunting task, and it forces several top players to stay at home. With those restrictions in mind, I was challenged to take my best guess at the 2013 Futures Game rosters.

It's more difficult than it looks. First off, every team needs to be represented, but the Futures Game features standard 25-man rosters, not the bloated All-Star variety. And then there is the limit of two players per organization (three for the host team), so if you are a fan of a team and you are upset with this list, chances are good that you can't say Player X should be there without taking another one of your team's prospects off the rosters, which often creates a series of roster constructions issues that would make Mandelbrot proud.

In addition, there is some consideration to make the World team as diverse as possible, and not just stuff it with players from the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. So with those limitations and an eye on which players might not be available due to a big league presence, here are your 2013 Futures Game rosters.

U.S. Team (*starters)


The assumption here is that Travis D'Arnaud of the Blue Jays, the top catching prospect in the minors, has recovered from his knee injury and reached the big leagues.