Ranking all the traded prospects

While it wasn't exactly a star-studded trade deadline, it was certainly a busy one, with 10 trades featuring a total of 15 prospects on the final day alone. All in all, 43 prospects (as defined by Rookie of the Year eligibility) changed hands in the month of July, and people like rankings, so after consults with scouts and front office personnel, here's how I line up the prospects on the move.

1. Jacob Turner, RHP, Marlins (from Tigers)

Scouting Profile: 21-year-old with big frame and the potential for three average-to-plus pitches in 91-95 mph fastball and advanced curve/changeup combination for age. Good delivery but occasional control issues. Ceiling as good No. 3 starter, but that might also be floor.

Path With New Club: Turner goes to a Miami team that is suddenly in no rush, so he'll get back on a more reasonable development path while still being very young for the Triple-A level. A good run at New Orleans could give him a needed run of statistical success, as he was expedited through the Detroit system and thus rarely dominated. He could get a look in September and should compete for a rotation job next spring.