The best umps in baseball

Joe West isn't exactly Mr. Congeniality, but he's a very good umpire. Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

After last week's botched replay review in Cleveland, we've once again had to hear about how MLB needs more instant replay because the technology is there. I'm not necessarily against these kinds of changes, but a lot of people who are calling for them don't realize the negative effect technology has had on the game, both in the way it is umpired and managed.

What most people don't see is that these advancements have made these jobs harder than ever. However, there are a number of umps who do a fantastic job despite the changing circumstances. As someone with recent managerial experience, I want to explain the way technology has changed the game in ways fans don't get to see, and also give you my breakdown of the 10 best umpires in baseball.