Texas twosome cracks top 10

With the NBA and college basketball season set to get underway, and with a full summer season and international tournaments wrapping up, NBA scouts are already beginning to rank players as they prepare for the upcoming scouting season.

Early on, the consensus is that, like the last two drafts, there are no potential superstars available and that a number of players have a shot at being the top overall pick in the draft. Had the NBA not passed the age restriction, high school senior Greg Oden would have been, hands down, the top pick in the draft and afforded the status of a potential superstar.

However, combine the plethora of underclassman defections in the 2005 draft with the new age restrictions that prohibit high school seniors from declaring for the draft, and the pool is rather shallow.

While scouts like a number of players who will be eligible for the draft, many of them are unproven and the overall depth of the draft looks thin. At least that's what they're saying now.

Almost every year scouts start claiming that the sky is falling around this time of the year. However, in years' past, by the time we hit April, they're falling over themselves on a number of different prospects.

While no consensus top 10 exists among scouts right now, after making a number of phone calls, here's a look at our first big board of the year -- the top 10 projected prospects for the 2006 NBA draft: