Filling a hole or two: Team-by-team draft needs

Should a team draft to fill a need, or should it take the best player available?

Most teams will tell you they choose the latter, but that's not always the way to go. Just ask Billy Knight and the Hawks -- Chris Paul would look pretty good in a Hawks uniform right now, and Marvin Williams is coming off the bench.

Then again, drafting for need isn't always the better choice, either. The Blazers traded their pick last summer because Paul was the best player on the board and they didn't think they needed him with Sebastian Telfair around.

The truth is that team needs matter. Some teams have glaring needs that must be filled through the draft.

When should a team draft talent over need? Only when a team is very deep; it has multiple picks; or the best player on the board is head and shoulders above the player who fits a need.

With the season now over for almost half of the teams in the NBA, Insider breaks down the needs of every team.