Trades might shake up draft, from top to bottom

With less than a week to go before the June 28 NBA draft, very few teams are on solid footing. Not only are most teams uncertain about who will be available when they make their pick, but also there is a major factor that is simply impossible for them to calculate accurately -- the trades that most think are coming.

Here's a take on the top prospects from an NBA team executive drafting in the high lottery.

"There are warts everywhere," he said. "Do you take a risk and go with upside or do you take a player who's going to be solid? Usually when you're drafting this high, you get a little of both. This year is different. I think there's one star, Adam Morrison. But he may not be the best player in the draft. I think this has led to all of the trade talk."

This "trade talk" is what could, more than anything else, upset everyone's expectations about how the draft will play out. After all, when you don't even know which teams are making the picks, how can you figure out who they're taking?

To try to sort things out, Insider has its ear to the ground, listening for trade rumblings. Here's what we're hearing about potential deals affecting the draft: