Chad Ford's Mock Draft, Version 4: Picks 1 to 30

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We're two days away from the NBA draft, and GMs are calling it the most unpredictable draft in the last five years.

The last time we had this much uncertainty at the top was in 2001, when Michael Jordan was presiding over his first draft for the Washington Wizards.

Kwame Brown and Tyson Chandler worked out against each other the day before the draft in a competition to become the No. 1 pick. Brown bested Chandler and walked over to Michael and said, "If you draft me, you'll never regret it."

We all know how that worked out. Brown was a bust. Jordan lost his job.

This year, things are even more unstable. Adding to the chaos is the fact that multiple teams are talking about multiple trades -- some that move them up in the draft, others that move them down.

The uncertainty creates confusion and paralysis. "It's like traffic gridlock," one NBA executive told Insider. "There are too many cars on the road. Even when you get the green light, you're still stuck in traffic. Too many trades, too many contingencies. It's never been this bad."

Here's where we stand at the top:

We believe the Toronto Raptors have narrowed their No. 1 list to three players.

The Chicago Bulls, who have the No. 2 pick, appear to have their list down to three, as well.

The Charlotte Bobcats are in a quandary at No. 3. Jordan, now making the basketball decisions for the Cats, has yet to see in person some of the players under consideration.

And the Blazers at No. 4? If they find a way to get Adam Morrison, fans in Portland will rejoice. If they fail in their quest, the villagers may storm the castle.

Mock drafts are an inexact science, this year more than usual. Why? Because we're two days away and few teams, if any, know for sure what they're doing. We're trying to tell you before even they know.

Here's our latest take, after talking to numerous NBA team sources, on how Wednesday night's draft will play out.

On Wednesday, we'll unveil our final mock draft.