2014 NBA draft Big Board 7.0

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The top 10 don't budge in the latest edition of our Big Board. In many ways, this board has been as steady as it's been in years.

Neither a couple of bad games from Andrew Wiggins nor an out-of-character outburst from Marcus Smart is shaking up the board (our previous edition can be viewed here). With NBA scouts getting more confident in their scouting reports, the search is turning to the second half of the draft, where the movement is much more volatile.

Here is our seventh Big Board for the 2014 NBA draft.


Joel Embiid

SCHOOL: Kansas
AGE: 19
HT/WT: 7-0, 240

10.9 PPG
7.8 RPG
2.6 BPG

Embiid has risen to the top of most draft boards in the NBA. But his play over the last few weeks hasn't been stellar. He looks banged up and is clearly not playing with the motor or passion that he did early in the season. He's still No. 1, but his meteoric rise has stalled.

Previous rank: No. 1 | PLAYER CARD


Andrew Wiggins

SCHOOL: Kansas
AGE: 18
HT/WT: 6-8, 200

16.0 PPG
6.0 RPG
1.7 APG

Wiggins is in a shooting slump. He's back to being on again and off again. The good news is that his defense has been stellar, and he's been attacking the rim. He needs to get better at finishing at the basket, but his increased aggressiveness is a good sign.

Previous rank: No. 2 | PLAYER CARD


Jabari Parker

AGE: 18
HT/WT: 6-8, 241

19.2 PPG
8.5 RPG
1.3 APG

Looks as though Parker has finally kicked his shooting woes. Sort of. While he's shot just 2-for-10 from 3-point range over the past five games, he broke out of his scoring slump against Wake Forest and Boston College, posting a combined 50 points on 20-for-27 shooting from the field. If he was even just an average defender, he'd be a bigger threat to Wiggins and Embiid.

Previous rank: No. 3 | PLAYER CARD