Experts: Debating the draft lottery

Welcome to the 2014 Insider edition of 5-on-5, where our rotating panel of NBA experts will debate the 2014 NBA draft.

With the 2013-14 NBA season nearing its midway point and the college hoops campaign well into conference play, it's a good time to take a preliminary look at where top players might land in the lottery and what kind of impact certain prospects could make.

In this edition, our experts debate how a few top prospects would fit various pro teams, which likely non-lottery pick should go higher and which lottery team could land a steal at its current draft spot.

Note that questions regarding potential team-player fits are based on a projection produced by ESPN's Lottery Mock Draft tool (projection displayed in the table below).

1. How much impact would Joel Embiid have on the Bucks in 2014-15?

Kevin Pelton: Not a huge one. As a rookie, Embiid is unlikely to be significantly better than Larry Sanders -- at least the Sanders of 2012-13, not this season's lesser version. Milwaukee could perhaps swing a trade sending Sanders out for backcourt help.