How far will Joel Embiid slide?

I was on the phone with an NBA general manager Thursday morning, and we were discussing how surprisingly predictable the draft was looking this year. Joel Embiid was going No. 1. Jabari Parker looked close to a lock at No. 2. Andrew Wiggins was a major lock at No. 3. The Orlando Magic had narrowed it down to Dante Exum and Noah Vonleh at No. 4. The Utah Jazz would take whichever of the two the Magic left on the table. To have the draft that predictable this early was ... nice.

Then the news that Embiid had a stress fracture in his right foot broke, sending shock waves through the NBA. The news spawns a host of questions, but here are the two biggest a week out before the draft.

1. Who will the Cleveland Cavaliers draft No. 1?

The Cavs were leaning heavily toward drafting Embiid after a terrific workout in Cleveland last week. Their biggest concern was whether they could get away with trading down to No. 3, picking up Thaddeus Young from the Sixers and still landing Embiid.

Oh, how things have changed.