Hezonja one of draft's most versatile

Mario Hezonja Albert Llop/Getty Images

To help readers get to know top NBA draft prospects, Insider offers a 360-degree look at many of them in a concise and thorough scouting report featuring three experts' perspectives: Kevin Pelton (analytics), Fran Fraschilla (scouting) and Chad Ford (NBA front offices). Here's a look at Mario Hezonja.

WARP Projection: 1.5 (32nd among players in top 100)
Comparables: Evan Fournier (97.5), C.J. Miles (96.6), Sasha Pavlovic (96.1), Monta Ellis (96.0)
Strengths: 2P%, Shooting
Weaknesses: Usage, FTA%, TO%

The analytics perspective

After playing sparingly for FC Barcelona the past two seasons, Hezonja has grown into a key role this season at age 19, giving us enough data to project him to the NBA. While Hezonja's translated statistics suggest he can play competently right away, they don't necessarily indicate star potential.

The biggest red flag in Hezonja's statistics is how infrequently he gets to the free throw line. Hezonja has attempted just six free throws in 417 minutes of ACB play this season. His free throw rate has been far better in Euroleague games (24 in 339 minutes), but still Hezona's projected NBA rate -- 4.2 percent of his possessions -- is the lowest among potential 2015 draftees. Generally speaking, players with such low free throw rates tend to be limited to smaller roles. The only NBA regular in 2014-15 with a free throw rate below 5 percent and an above-average usage rate was Avery Bradley of the Boston Celtics.