Harrington tops best of the rest of free agents

The free-agent market is a little bit like a game of dominoes: When one piece falls, it leads to more movement.

For instance, Chicago's agreement with Ben Wallace meant Detroit went after Nazr Mohammed while Joel Przybilla decided to return to Portland.

So which dominoes are left to fall now that Wallace will join the Bulls and Peja Stojakovic has agreed to go to the Hornets?

The task today is to sort out what's left -- who's worth big bucks, who could end up being a bargain and who isn't worth much at all. It's even more difficult this year because there's an awful lot of chaff between the shreds of wheat.

In sizing up the market, we basically have two groups.

In one group is what I call "the big five" -- the five remaining free agents whose performance justifies significant, long-term deals.

Beyond them, the drop-off is severe. Nonetheless, several players receiving less attention have shown enough potential to provide significant value in coming seasons.

From 1 through 25, here's how I rank this year's "Best of the Rest":