CP3's season has been nothing short of brilliant so far

Try making a list of the game's great little guys, and you'll end up with a pretty short list. Even the great "little players" haven't been all that little -- Jerry West, Michael Jordan, Oscar Robertson and Dwyane Wade all stand at least 6-4, making them taller than the vast majority of the general population.

The list of recent stars below that height is smaller still. Isiah Thomas. John Stockton. Allen Iverson. Steve Nash.

And now, Chris Paul.

Say what? Oh yes. The New Orleans guard is putting together a season that, provided he keeps it up, will put him in the pantheon of the league's greatest little guys. This is getting shockingly little attention because Paul hasn't been on national TV and plays before crowds that would have trouble filling a U-Haul, but his production this season has been nothing short of spectacular.