Biggest disappointments this season

Deron Williams and Chris Paul. The two have been inextricably linked throughout their careers, ever since they went third and fourth, respectively, in the 2005 draft. Debates have raged throughout the nearly half-decade of their careers as to which one is better, with both taking part in deep playoff runs that caught much of the nation by surprise.

And now, they find themselves on a very different list. While both players have been outstanding thus far this season -- arguably better than they have ever been -- their teams can't say the same. So while Williams has the league's longest-tenured coach (Jerry Sloan) and Paul will suit up Friday for a man who has never been a head coach in the NBA or college (Jeff Bower), both players are in the same boat: Their teams, thought to be 50-win caliber with outside shots at contending, have instead been among the league's biggest disappointments.