Out-of-nowhere team

Darko Milicic played 71 minutes during a 53-game span with the Knicks and said he would return to Europe after the 2009-10 NBA season. But then along came the Timberwolves to inquire about his services. They traded little-used Brian Cardinal for Milicic at the deadline and turned him into a key rotation player, which had made no sense to me at the time. Well, he's showed enough promise in his 23 games -- and enjoyed them enough -- that he may extend his time in the states.

Before you get ahead of yourselves, it'll take a lot more than 23 promising games for me to talk myself into believing in Milicic again. We've watched him join a new team and go through the "he's doing some intriguing things out there" stage three times already, and all three ended with him near the end of the bench.