All-Sleeper Team: These guys deserve your attention

We're halfway through the season, and we've had all sorts of great individual stories from the first semester -- from the exploits of LeBron James and Chris Paul,
to C-Webb and Nellie reuniting in Golden State, to Kevin Garnett rejuvenating the Celtics.

Those stories have been covered in much detail, along with many others. But besides them, there have been players who have been overshadowed and also deserve press. These are the "sleepers" -- the players very few are talking about, who we should be paying much greater attention to in the second half of the season.

Why should we care about these guys? Because some are young, rising stars that haven't received much ink. Some are undervalued pieces on contending teams. And some are potential free agents who could be coming to a neighborhood near you this summer.

No matter the reason, I came up with a 15-man sleeper team for the second half. The rules? For starters, this isn't an all-underrated team as much as it's an all-no-exposure-whatsoever team. The other criteria are more obvious: They're playing well, and in most cases they're young enough that they're likely to keep it up or improve on it in the future.

That said, here' s my sleeper team. Keep an eye on these guys the rest of the way, because they're likely to get a lot more attention somewhere down the road: