Taste test: Rating East offseason order

Say this about the NBA this summer: They've kept it interesting.

We were expecting a fairly humdrum free-agent season while everyone held their cards for the LeBron Sweepstakes next summer. Instead, the opposite happened. Every contender in sight began loading up, and despite warnings of economic Armageddon, several championship hopefuls blew past the luxury-tax threshold without even tapping the brakes.

Though we didn't have any All-Star free-agent signings, the list of players who changed uniforms this summer is an impressive one. Shaquille O'Neal, Richard Jefferson, Vince Carter, Ron Artest, Trevor Ariza, Rasheed Wallace, Andre Miller, Shawn Marion, Ben Gordon, Antonio McDyess, Emeka Okafor, Tyson Chandler, Charlie Villanueva and Hedo Turkoglu were among the prominent names to relocate.