How can your team get Ron Artest?

Ron Artest wants to be traded, and the Indiana Pacers say they'll accommodate his request.

But what can Larry Bird and Donnie Walsh get for their All-Star caliber player now that everyone knows he's on the block? Here are 44 purely speculative trade scenarios, including at least one for each of the other 29 teams, all of which would work under salary cap rules (a couple involve base-year compensation players and would need a third team as a broker).

We are assuming that each team would try to get Artest, who earns $6,842,105 this season, as cheaply as possible. Rules require that the total salaries of players traded by one team not exceed that of players traded by the other team by more than 25 percent plus $100,000.

Each trade scenario is rated on a plausibility scale, from 1 (highly unlikely) to 5 (makes perfect sense), taking into account the potential interest of both the Pacers and the other team to make the deal.