Where did they go? Former NBA stars sit on sidelines

"I'm under the sink. Can I call you back in 20 minutes?" Antonio Davis said.

It was another day of domestic duties earlier this week for the former All-Star, whose 20 minutes stretched to six or seven hours before he was able to call back.

There were kids to pick up from school, twin sixth-graders, Kaela and A.J., who have become the daily focus for Davis, a househusband who's now several months removed from the last time he put on an NBA uniform, back in March after the Knicks had shipped him to the Raptors.

"I don't think I'll be playing again. I'm very content and happy, doing the types of things I haven't gotten to do, be a father," Davis told ESPN.com. "As of right now, I have no desire. I've watched several games and played pickup ball thinking I'd have the feeling I'd like to get back, but I didn't have that feeling. I don't really miss the game."

Davis isn't the only guy spending a lot more time with his family than he used to. Keith Van Horn is in the same boat, staying away from the NBA by choice, while more than a handful of others are itching to get back but waiting for the right phone call as the season slips into its second month.

Davis was not prepared to say he's finished forever -- he thought long and hard about joining the Bulls when they approached him over the summer -- but it would take an offer from exactly the right type of team sometime in February or March to get him to consider giving up his domestic bliss.

"It's not 100 percent retired. It's about 95," Davis said. "I've never had a chance to go to the Finals, and I don't have a ring -- and that would be the only thing that would get me to think about it."

Joining Davis on the sidelines are such former All-Stars as Vin Baker, Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway, Allan Houston and Latrell Sprewell as well as such players as Chris Andersen, Doug Christie, Qyntel Woods, Nick Van Exel and Keith Van Horn.

Here's a look at players who could be found in an NBA uniform until recently, and what they're doing now: