The right fit for the King

The time to choose is fast approaching. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The biggest question in the NBA is not, "Who's going to win the championship?'' but rather, "Who's going to get LeBron James?" Speculation swirls daily, rumors fly regularly, but the fact is, no one (perhaps not even James) knows what city he'll call home next season. But there is speculation and then there's informed speculation; there's guessing and then there's educated guessing. So after speaking with several folks around the league, here are our top five likeliest destinations for LeBron. Despite Mark Cuban's open courting of LeBron, we purposely omitted sign-and-trade possibilities, because for the Cavaliers that's either the ultimate last resort or no option at all. In the unlikely event the Cavs open themselves up to a sign-and-trade, then Dallas, Houston and perhaps the Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trail Blazers could enter the discussion. But the Cavs know there would be no way to bring back equal value in a sign-and-trade, and they'd kill their future cap flexibility in the process. With that in mind, here are the five likeliest destinations for LeBron. Sorry, Clippers fans, you didn't make the cut. As usual.