The Orlando Magic are coming together

Watch out for the other Florida team now. Getty Images

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Trending team: Orlando Magic improved at both ends since trades

Magic president of basketball operations Otis Smith remade his team's roster with a pair of trades last month, adding Gilbert Arenas, Jason Richardson and Hedo Turkoglu. Surely, Smith's goals for the deals related to May and June, not January, but so far they have served to invigorate Orlando -- which won its ninth consecutive game on Saturday in Dallas. Over 11 games since the three key newcomers took the floor, the Magic's schedule-adjusted point differential of plus-9.9 points per game is better than any team has managed over the full season.

A look at Orlando's statistics before and after the trade shows the team making gains on both offense and defense, led primarily by the most important of the Four Factors: shooting, as measured by the team's effective field goal percentage.

Before the trade, their effective FG percentage was .519; now it's .547. Before the trade, their adjusted differential was 2.9; now it's 9.9.